Women March 2017-LA

So as we all know there’s a new president in office and were now on Day 3.

This past Saturday the world was stunned by the amount of love and support of people around the world protesting for Women’s Equal rights. It was a historical event of the biggest protest EVER! I myself was one of over 750,000 attendees of the Women’s March in Los Angeles. The morning started with over an hour wait for the train into downtown which was a blessing in disguise. While waiting in a line that was wrapped around the block to board the train, my friend and I met many different groups of people that truly ignited the flame of magic we were about to enter into.

Mothers, daughters, dads,fathers, brothers and sisters were filled on the streets of downtown Los Angeles marching and no longer being silent.

If your reading this know that you deserve happiness and love. Love your neighbors, and feed your soul with positivity so that not only you but the people around you can grow to. We are all connected. 

Be more present and aware of whats going on in your community so that a difference can be made. 

Challenges may occur but it’s upto you to fight through

One thing about life is that there will always be challenges your faced with. Its upto you to figure your way out of them and fight through it. 

Of course it helps to have family and friends to help you along the way but sometimes there are things that can or have already occurred, and you feel like your alone. This is when its important for you to be still and center your attention on everything you do have and focus on gratitude. 

Some of the practices I do is transcendental meditation, light candles, pray and drink lots of tea which warms my soul. Its a feeling of a hug within myself.  Its finding your own methods to fight through the challenge is what allows you to have a full breakthrough.

Over the years I’ve learned that there is always someone in the world dealing with something larger than your own. Knowing that itself delivers me to a place of gratefulness and allows me to take a deep breathe and get through the issue or situation. 

If you haven’t already check out the David Lynch Foundation and watch one of the clips on the meditation. Challenge yourself and try meditating  2x a day for 20minutes. https://www.davidlynchfoundation.org 

Song of the day: “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin 

In need of new candles: Checkout the “North Wood Apothecary by my dear friend Katelyn Vallier.

The Beginning of 2017

The word of the week is Love. I think in order to have healthy relationships and friendships it is important to always be open. Open about your feelings, and intentions. How can anyone ever know how to love you if you aren’t transparent with them?  Love starts with yourself. If you can’t be real with yourself how can you ever be real with anyone else?  

What I’ve learned this week:  Fall in love with that self. Work on the flaws you want to change and learn to love the ones you can’t. 

Question yourself. Your thoughts, your actions, your reactions. Ask yourself “why am I doing this?” “Why do I REALLY feel this way?” Having these talks with myself makes it easier to express my feelings to others.
Be real. With yourself and with other people. Makes your life a little brighter.

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